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Shipping Policy

FREE SHIPPING: currently free shipping from € 50 is only available for orders destined for Spain.

Spain (Peninsula):

KiloPrice €
Until 1 Kilo3,50 €
Until 2 Kilos3,75 €
Until 3 Kilos4,10 €
Until 4 Kilos4,45 €
Until 5 Kilos4,75 €
Until 10 Kilos6,86 €
Until 15 Kilos8,50 €
Kg. adicional0,35 €
  • Estimated delivery time 24/48 hours for towns located less than 100 km from the province, the rest can take up to 72 hours.
  • No shipments will be made to PO boxes.

Spain (Canary Islands):

Shipments to the Canary Islands:

Cash on delivery:

Redyser Contra Reembolso

Available in Spain Peninsula, Balearic Islands, Ceuta and Melilla:

Through this form of payment, the buyer will make the payment to the delivery company of the transport company at the time of delivery of the order. This form of payment carries a 3% surcharge on the total amount of the order, with a minimum of € 2.42 (VAT included) as part of the cost for the service provided by the transport company.

Spain (Ceuta, Melilla and the Balearic Islands):

Weight (kg)Ceuta and MelillaBalearic Islands
Until 1 Kilo9 €10.67 €
Until 2 Kilos10,50 €13.09 €
Until 5 Kilos12,50 €16.88 €
Until 10 Kilos14,50 €19.65 €
Until 15 Kilos16 €21.11 €
Until 20 Kilos18,50 €24.14 €
  • Ceuta and Melilla: you must register your DNI client account or send us an email once your order has been placed.

Shipments to the rest of the world:

España (Península)5,47€5,81€6,16€6,63€9,19€10,00€13,72€17,44€
República Checa8,26€11,74€13,02€15,70€18,37€22,33€28,95€35,58€
Resto de la U.E.16,86€34,42€36,16€38,95€41,63€45,81€52,79€59,77€
Resto de Europa16,86€29,53€33,02€41,16€49,19€61,40€81,63€101,98€
Reino Unido**6,16€7,09€7,33€8,72€10,47€12,91€17,09€21,16€
Estados Unidos16,86€26,63€45,93€59,77€73,49€94,07€128,49€162,91€
Resto de América28,02€31,51€33,14€44,07€55,12€71,74€99,30€126,86€
Emiratos Árabes Uds25,00€28,60€28,72€34,30€42,33€54,53€74,77€95,12€
Oriente Medio24,88€34,88€38,49€44,07€55,12€71,74€99,30€126,86€
Corea del Sur14,77€22,91€26,86€34,19€41,51€52,44€70,70€88,95€
Hong Kong13,84€21,16€37,79€44,42€51,05€60,93€77,44€93,95€
Resto de Asia24,53€29,65€33,14€44,07€55,12€71,74€99,30€126,86€
Nueva Zelanda20,58€33,95€47,33€68,72€90,12€122,33€175,93€229,42€
Resto del Mundo26,63€32,09€33,14€44,07€55,12€71,74€99,30€126,86€
*Incluye servicio de tracking y certificado de entrega.
** Todos los países a partir de Reino Unido en esta lista tienen un recargo de 2,90€/kg.


Due to the latest news of both COVID 19 and BREXIT negotiations causing serious transport problems, shipments to the entire UK are temporarily canceled until further notice.

Rest of Europe

  1. ID: It is necessary to fill in the field with the personal identification number in your client account.
  2. All orders that contain Sodium Chlorite and have to be sent to countries in Zone 4 (Rest of Europe) will be sent by land transport, having an additional cost of € 45 as a customs fee. The rest of the products will travel by air transport without the application of this rate.

  • For shipping time consult here.

Shipping policy and procedure:

Dioxilife will proceed to the shipment every working day other than holidays, from Monday to Friday, establishing a daily time slot until 2:30 p.m. for the review and shipment of your order. On weekends orders are not delivered (Saturday and Sunday).

You will have the tracking number of your order by email, so if the customer is not at the corresponding delivery address, you can contact the delegation closest to your home and arrange delivery.

For any questions about the shipping process, you can contact us through our website or email:

Return Policy:

As a Dioxilife customer, & nbsp; you can request the total or partial return of the merchandise purchased through our Dioxilife page.

The buyer may return any item purchased in Dioxilife for the following reasons:

– If the article has manufacturing defects.
– If there is a mistake in the article sent, keeping the original sealing and without showing signs of use.

Upon receipt of erroneous or damaged merchandise, the change will be applied only if it was reported during the first 72 hours after delivery, at the following email address:

Email: info@infodioxilife-com

Procedure for product returns:

At the time the return is delivered, Dioxilife will contact you to confirm the refund or replacement of the product.
Dioxilife will be responsible for the shipping costs for returns of products with manufacturing defects and shipping errors as long as the product & nbsp; has not been used and maintains the original packaging of the container.

The sealing of our products must be kept for all returns, so Dioxilife does not accept returns of products lacking it. & nbsp; We advise you to receive your products in perfect condition or not accept them.

If you have not received the merchandise, you can send us an e-mail to: from 8:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. Monday to Friday.

Questions, suggestions and / or additional comments, you can write to us at: 8:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. Monday to Friday.

Rejected orders:

If the customer rejects an order on delivery, made through the cash on delivery payment system, he must pay the shipping costs incurred in previous refused orders, if he wishes to place a new order again.

In the case of placing an order through the online payment system, the customer will only receive the amount of the products, except for the situations set out in our return policy.

* Dioxilife reserves the right to modify the contents, shipping rates, products or services marketed from the website, as well as the commercial offers presented at any time. Dioxilife reserves the right to modify parts of the page, expand it or change or cancel offers completely without prior notice.


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