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Diatomaceous earth 150 g food supplement

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Diatomaceous earth suitable for human consumption.

Our diatomaceous earth food supplement is composed of 100% diatoms that inhabited the fresh waters generated by melting glaciers millions of years ago, known as Aulacoseira granulat. Our diatomaceous earth is distinguished from others by its cylindrical shape with multiple perforations and a premium purity ranging from 92%-95%, which makes it truly unique and uniquely suitable for human consumption, according to current legislation.

At the end of their life cycle, Aulacoseira granulat diatoms died and dropped their multi-perforated cylindrical armours, known as “frustules”, into the rivers, lakes and swamps formed by the melting glaciers that occupied certain mountainous parts of the Himalayas. Over millions of years, this accumulation of diatom armour gave rise to huge sedimentary deposits of the purest diatomaceous earth in the beds of these freshwater bodies. Millions of years later, due to climatic changes, these waters dried up, exposing all these deposits that had remained submerged until then.

For a few million more years, the winds in the area steadily blew sand from the erosion of the nearby rocks and mountains, gradually hiding these natural banks in the subsoil of the area.

As we entered the modern era, the natives of these regions undertook investigations and searches that eventually led them to this buried treasure. After extensive analysis, their exceptional, uniqueness and rarity was discovered, which gave them the status of diatomaceous earth suitable for human consumption due to their exceptional quality.

The extraction of our purest and most pure diatomaceous earth suitable for human consumption.

Our diatomaceous earth is found at a depth of 40 metres under an immense desert, which is why most expert “Diatomologists” consider it to be one of the oldest diatomaceous earths in the world.

The only diatomaceous earth with sanitary guarantees

After years of work and research, the Spanish company Vitality gesf s.l, has managed to bring to Spain the authentic diatomaceous earth suitable for human consumption, establishing it legally under the term food supplement according to European and Spanish legislation.

  • Diatomeas ®️, an international brand owned by Vitality gesf s.l, has become the leading brand specialising in the use, benefits and applications of Diatomaceous Earth ®️ in Spain and Europe.
  • Currently Diatomeas®️ has 3 types of diatomaceous earth legally established according to their use, origin and purity, in strict compliance with current legislation in agriculture, livestock and human consumption.
  • Diatomaceous earth ®️ has the best guarantees so that you can use it with total peace of mind.

Characteristics of our product Diatomaceous Earth ®️

  • Diatomaceous Earth ®️ provides the silicon that is lacking in many modern foods.
  • Diatomaceous earth ®️ Has the highest purity in the world.
  • Diatomaceous earth ®️ Highly environmentally friendly product.
  • Diatomaceous ®️ 100% harmless to animals and humans.
  • Diatomaceous ®️ is an organic and totally natural product, without any added components.
  • Diatomaceous ®️ is of vegetable origin and is ideal for vegans.
  • Diatomeas ®️ is naturally free of gluten, lactose, fat and sugars.
  • Diatomeas ®️ has no taste or odour.

Organic silicon in diatomaceous earth

The way of farming in recent years, with the development of intensive agriculture and in response to a global market, has led to a decline in the quality of the fruit and vegetables we eat, with the result that they lack various minerals in the quantities necessary for our bodies.

Researchers claim that the fruit and vegetables we eat every day only provide us with one fifth of the silicon we need in our daily diet. It is therefore essential that we include a silicon supplement in our diet.


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