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Ormus Marine 250 ml

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What is Ormus or also called Sea Gold?

It is the result of subjecting seawater to a natural process, precipitating all the minerals contained in seawater, making it a multi-mineral compound. It boasts of being a super conductive substance since metals such as gold, iridium, rhodium, etc. are found in a single atom, which means that the spin is much faster, creating vortices of light that are transported at a higher speed. This spin is called: High Spin.

What does it bring us?

It nourishes the cells in a way that regenerates our cellular tissue and frees us from toxic substances due to its high alkalinity. Due to its conductivity it makes our electrical impulses almost instantaneous and we have a great capacity of physical and mental response, it also restores intercellular communication. As a consequence of a process equivalent to a denaturing solution, the ingestion of ORMUS relaxes the DNA and recombines, that is to say, it is corrected. It has countless qualities that make our body function properly. The properties of the Ormus are scientifically proven and as much as we say the benefits that the monoatomic gold has on health. Of course, the constancy in its use is what will make you see the results. It is not magic, it is regeneration of all cells and organs of our body, the same for people and animals as for plants; which, it is proven that they develop much more with Ormus than without it.


 Powerful antioxidant and alkalinizer
 Combats insomnia
 Pain reduction
 Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties
 Helps healing
 Delays aging
 Improves blood circulation
 Calms the mind
 Increased intuition and lucidity in sleep


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