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Diatomaceous Earth 250 gr.



Diatomaceous Earth 250 gr.

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-100 % Diatomaceous earth, chemical free and not burned. Amorphous silica structure.
Chemical Name: Amorphous silica
Chemical analysis: SiO2 : 71%, Al2O3: 1.11 % , Fe2O3 0.40 % , MgO 0.42 % , CaCO3 : 27.7 % , K2O : 0.17 % Trace : 0.50 %.

Parameters of metals below the allowable minimum.

Laboratory analysis


The diatomaceous earth structures are fossilized siliceous millenary algae. The fine, microscopic structures of these unicellular organisms are deposited in ancient aquatic beds of rivers, lakes or seas in a few places on the planet. They function, purely mechanically, as a potent insecticidal and anti-parasitic matter. Siliceous structures come in contact with insects damaging their keratin structure and causing death by dehydration or irreversible damage to their digestive systems. Unlike chemicals or drugs, the use of diatomaceous algae creates no resistance. Insects cannot become immune to treatment.

It is also used as a good method of preserving seeds as well as use in seed germination as it has anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. It’s recommended for use in poor quality soils as it is rich in minerals and trace elements; for this reason also favors germination.

As an animal deworming agent it can be used both externally (ticks , fleas, lice, ringworm, etc) and in the internally (intestinal parasites). It is suitable for farming.

It can be used at home to remove infestations by ants, cockroaches , moths, etc. , by placing the product in pantries, closets and passageways of insects.
Although no oral toxicity to humans and pets is recommended to keep out of reach of children as it can irritate the eyes and mucous membranes and can cause harm by inhalation due do its fine crystalline silica content.


Combat pests without damage to humans or animals.
Controls internal parasites in domestic or farm animals.
Mechanical action does not generate resistance in pests .
Fights all types of insect pest of cool: fleas, lice, nematodes, fruit flies, woodlice, caterpillars , ants, aphids, ticks, etc. .
The insecticidal effect also acts as a preventive measure.
Recommended for use in organic farming of any crop.
Supplies nutrients to the soil and plants. Leaves no residue .
Does not damage flowers or fruit.
Risk free application.
Avoid inhalation
Completely safe, non-toxic and harmless to persons or pets .
Biodegradable. It does not pollute the environment and leaves no toxic residues.


Sprinkle directly on the area of use: farmland, pots, contaminated agricultural soil, etc. .
For spray-on treatment add 2kg per 100 liters of water or about one tablespoon per liter, spraying the entire plant. Ideal for seed preservation.
Add to soap for treatment of fleas, lice, ticks, etc. For animals sprinkle directly onto infected area .
For de-worming "pets" or farm animals add a teaspoon a day to moist food for an animal weighing about 25 kg in weight.
Limitless shelf life (it does not spoil).


Avoid all contact with eyes. If contact with eyes occurs, wash thoroughly with water. If itching persists, call a physician.
Avoid inhalation of dry powder
Product included in the EC Regulation 889/2008 for Organic Production.

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Me encanta
iolanda s. on 02/2/2019 Estoy muy contenta
Buena calidad
Inna E. on 11/24/2018 Es el segundo bote que compro. Estoy conforme.
lo he usado en una maceta y bien
Elena S. on 11/9/2018 se ha cargado a unos mosquitillos que había... Todavía no he profundizado...
Calidad100% Ahora con el envio un problemilla
Petar N. on 11/8/2018

El bote se había abierto y derramado por su manejo durante el transporte. Parece que habia sido aplastado por algo pesado. Por suerte estaba en una bolsa todo, y vacie lo que se habia derramado en un tarro y sin problemas. Pero estaria bien tenerlo en cuenta


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Tierra de diatomeas perfecta.
Sonia S. on 10/29/2018 LLegó en perfecto embalaje. Es justo lo que estaba buscando.
Buen producto. Fácil compra. Rápida entrega
Vanessa G. on 08/20/2018 Buen producto, buena relación calidad-precio
Tierra de diatomeas
diego a. on 08/20/2018 El produto llego muy rapido y en perfectas condiciones.To muy bien ysin ningun tipo de problemas.
Buen producto
David L. on 08/9/2018 Un producto que no debería de faltar. Extraordinario su efecto (sobre todo, a largo plazo)
Muy bueno
cristina f. on 04/26/2018 fácil de utilizar y muy eficaz
100% orgánico
lucía c. on 03/23/2018 muy recomendable para desparasitar de forma mecánica y natural.