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USERS are considered to be natural persons with the capacity to validly subscribe a contract in accordance with the applicable law.
You can not use the website and can not accept the Conditions if you are not of legal age and can not formalize a binding contract according to law, or if you do not have the quality of USER as stated.
The sale of the PORTAL content is exclusively allowed to users residing in Europe and Spain (including the Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Gibraltar, Ceuta and Melilla).
The use of this website and any purchase or purchase made in it is considered executed in Spain, and therefore subject to current Spanish laws and regulations.
To use the PORTAL, these general conditions (hereinafter, the Conditions) must be accepted, as well as those particular stipulations collected for the use and / or contracting of specific services. Otherwise, the PORTAL must be abandoned.
You can accept the Conditions:
- pointing to the "I accept the terms of service" check box, when this option is offered in the user interface; or
- using the website effectively. You acknowledge and accept that the use of the PORTAL will be considered as an acceptance of the Conditions.
The USER is advised to read carefully these conditions.


The PORTAL presents services open to the totality of the public that visits it, and restricted services, of exclusive access for current or later registered USERS.
The use of the services offered on the website is subject to prior acceptance and compliance with the Conditions by the USER.
The quality of the USER Registered in your case is acquired by completing the Registration Form hosted on the site. The data collected there will be part of the Dioxilife database, which will use them as described in the Privacy Policy.
The use of the services offered on the site is free.
The user has the following forms of payment:
- Debit / Credit card (through the Paypal secure payment platform).
- PayPal.
- Counter-reimbursement: Through this form of payment, the buyer will make the payment to the delivery company of the transport company at the time of delivery of the order. This form of payment carries a surcharge of 3% on the total amount of the order, with a minimum of 2.42 € (VAT included) as part of the cost for the service provided by the transport company. This form of payment is accepted only for orders whose delivery is in Spain Península, Baleares, Ceuta and Melilla.
We also inform that those shipments that have to be re-issued by the relevant transport agency due to an error by the USER when entering the postal code of the delivery address (which is the essential information that links the assignment of the franchise in charge to deliver your package), you will have to pay the extra cost to the USER and not Dioxilife, because it is the responsibility of the USER to enter all the data correctly before confirming the order.
Dioxilife offers customer service via e-mail from 9 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., at 6:00 p.m., when orders are sent (Monday to Friday) by the Redyser franchise (transport company).
In case of requesting any change related to an order or its cancellation outside of that time (6:00 PM), delivery of the package can not be stopped if it has already been invoiced and has left our premises, so it will have to be solved after the delivery of the same.


The personal data provided through the PORTAL, will be incorporated into manual files and / or computerized responsibility of the ENTITY for the purposes described in the conditions set out in the Privacy Policy, which is incorporated into these Conditions of Use by reference from this section.


All prices include VAT. The photos of the products may contain some erratum. The promotions or offers will be available until the date established in said promotion.
If you find any error in the name of the product, in the description of the same or confusion due to the absence of it, you must inform us as soon as possible before placing the order.


The services provided by the portal for the generality of users are free and merely informative, so they do not require any action for their cessation, only the mere will of the user not to visit the PORTAL.
Regarding restricted access services
if they should have exercised the right of cancellation to stop forming part of the files of the ENTITY, following the procedure described in the Privacy Policy or communicating the cessation to

Dioxilife will not be responsible, directly or subsidiarily, for:
- The quality of the service, as they are provided "as is" and the ENTITY does not grant any guarantee with respect to them.
- The damages that may be caused to the user's equipment due to the use of the portal.
- The vices and defects of all kinds of the contents transmitted, disseminated, stored or made available.
The user / client will be responsible:
- Of the data and information entered and sent to the ENTITY in the available forms.
- The performance of any type of illegal, harmful rights, harmful and / or harmful.
- To pay the shipping and return costs caused by the non-acceptance of an order with a cash-on-delivery payment or, otherwise, the following orders can only be sent upon payment of the same via debit / credit card or PayPal
- To pay in cash to the courier the extra costs of reissue of a shipment to another transport franchise, in case the client has entered an erroneous delivery postal code (since it is the reference data at the time of generation a shipping number with a certain destination franchise).


The whole of this web and presentation of its contents, object and source codes; are owned by Dioxilife or third parties, its reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation are prohibited, except for personal and private use, and the USER must respect the stipulations of these General Conditions.
Dioxilife may make, at any time and without prior notice, modifications and updates on the information contained on its website, or its configuration or presentation. Dioxilife makes every effort to ensure that the information provided through its website is clear, understandable and adequate.
Likewise, it is not responsible for the possible inappropriate use that third parties may make of this web page, nor for the information transmitted through it to third parties. The contents provided through this website have a commercial nature, so that the use of these can make the user and the possible consequences, damages or damages that may arise, are the sole responsibility of the user. Dioxilife reserves the right to exercise legal actions it deems appropriate derived from any illicit uses by third parties of the contents of its website. It is prohibited to use the portal to unauthorized minors.


You have 14 calendar days to communicate your desire to return all or part of your order. To do this, the products must be presented in perfect condition, without unsealing and without using.
As a client of Dioxilife, you can request the total or partial return of the merchandise acquired through our Dioxilife page.
You can return any item purchased in Dioxilife at no additional cost in terms of shipping costs, for the following reasons:
- If the article has manufacturing defects.
- If there is a mistake in the article sent, retaining the original seal and without presenting samples of use.
To do this, you must notify in the first 24 hours after receiving the order through the e-mail indicating:
- Order number or full name and date of the order.
- Products to be returned.
- Contact telephone number.

You can return your order if you are not satisfied, you must pay the corresponding amount in shipping costs for shipments made by the method of payment against reimbursement or discounting the amount of your order corresponding shipping costs.
For this you must inform us in the first 24 hours after reception. Where we will indicate the collection procedure by our transport company Redyser.
Return of orders due to absence of customer at home:
Orders returned by transport company where 14 days have elapsed since the order was sent from our facilities without having been delivered or picked up by the recipient, partial refund will be made, discounting the corresponding shipping costs.
In the same way, the amount of shipping costs will be requested for those orders in which the customer enters a postal code, this being necessary for their re-issue to a new address.
Procedure for product returns:
At the time the return is delivered to us by the transportation franchise, Dioxilife will contact you to confirm the refund.